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How to Get Your Children Outdoors (Week Five)

Welcome to our last installment of outdoor activities that are featured in the PLASP programs and that you and your children can do at home – in your backyard, driveway, or the neighbourhood park.

Week Five – Kite-Flying

Children and a PLASP staff member fly a kite

Healthy Kids Statistic #5

“On weekends, when kids should have abundant free time, kids are less active than on weekdays.”

Solution #5

Have you ever heard the dismissive phrase, “Oh, go fly a kite?” It’s actually not a bad piece of advice. According to one seasoned kite-flyer at, flying a kite provides the following benefits:

- regenerates energy, and reduces stress and tension
- develops creative thinking, both in the making of the kite as well as flying and adapting it
- develops concentration
- is one of the few recreational activities that is low-budget, as well as safe and environmentally friendly

There are plenty of resources available online with tips on flying kites as well as tutorials on how you and your child can make your own kite. My Best Kite is a great website that includes a variety of different kite tutorials, videos and a questions and answer section.

Which of these five great outdoor activities are popular in your household already? Which of these activities are you most excited to try with your children this weekend? The PLASP team would love to hear what you’ll be doing to stay active!



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