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PLASP believes that every child deserves to have someone's eyes light up when they enter the room.


What does it mean to belong?

“The feeling of belonging, in the widest sense, contributes to inner well-being, security and identity. Children need to know that they are accepted for who they are. They should know that what they do can make a difference and that they can explore and try out new activities… (the program) should recognize, acknowledge, and build on each child’s special strengths, and allow each to make a contribution or to make ‘(their) mark,’ acknowledging that each child has the right to active and equitable participation in the community.”
- New Zealand Ministry of Education, Early Childhood Curriculum

Program staff, children, parents, teachers, community leaders and school board staff are all key figures that need to be involved in contributing to every child’s sense of belonging.  

How does belonging happen at PLASP?

Our programs provide positive interactions and collaborations that pave the way for trusting relationships.

Each day, staff and children are encouraged to value and celebrate each other's abilities and strengths. The group environment provides staff and children with the opportunities to be in tune with each other's feelings and physical well-being, setting the stage for learning, exploring, co-operating and playing together. Children grow to understand their place in the group while they participate in activities such as group games, arts and snack time, which promotes the development of lifelong skills like personal responsibility and problem solving.

PLASP staff take an interest in each child's unique character, and gain insight into how best to make each child feel included through communicating regularly with school staff and parents. PLASP inspires regular communications through parent emails, newsletters and social media outreach.

PLASP builds its programs upon inclusive policies, and we strive to accommodate children of all abilities at all of our 200+ locations. PLASP's community partners support our programs and families with consultations, resources, program quality improvement recommendations, and individual support plans for children where appropriate. Together, we strive to meet the needs of all of our children.

Our head office staff work cooperatively with school boards, local and provincial governments, colleges/universities and social services agencies to ensure our child care programs help each child reach their fullest potential.

How can you help build a sense of belonging?

  • Visit your child's program
  • Take a few minutes to speak with staff at pick-up or drop-off time.
  • Take time to view the parent board and program planner at your program
  • Attend an enrichment activity or special event

For more information on belonging and how learning happens, please visit the Ministry of Education's PDF document How Does Learning Happen?.

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