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What is well-being?

Well-being refers to the skills, habits, and emotional awareness needed to help a child grow in a healthy, strong and emotionally-balanced way. With guidance from caring adults, this involves encouraging each child to develop a positive sense of self, to make healthy choices for good mental and physical health, and to adopt constructive strategies for overcoming stressful situations and the unexpected.

How is well-being encouraged at PLASP?

At PLASP, our programs nurture children’s healthy development and support their growing sense of self. PLASP provides programs that positively influence children’s physical and mental health and well-being. Children are provided with nutritious food, positive eating environments and daily physical activity both indoors and outside. PLASP programs offer children choices in both quiet and active activities.

Children serve themselves breakfast and snacks. Time is provided for daily outdoor physical activities for discovery and learning with bodies, minds and senses. Staff provide a safe environment that offers consistency and continuity, encouraging children to become independent while learning self-care and self-regulation (the ability to identify, monitor and manage stress). Children clean up after themselves, lead group activities, and decide when it’s time to explore another activity. Visit our Learning section for further information on Well-Being and to watch our video.

What can you do to inspire well being with your child?

  • Review the menu at your child's program each week
  • Encourage your child to continue following the same hygiene, physical and healthy eating routines that they follow in the program
  • Take time to view the parent board and program planner at your program
  • Take time to speak with program staff about your child's experiences in the program

For more information on well-being and how learning happens, please visit the Ministry of Education's PDF document How Does Learning Happen?.

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