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Community Involvement

PLASP’s Volunteer Program helps to define PLASP as a community organization. At PLASP, we believe in the value of providing members of the community with learning opportunities and practical work experiences in our programs and office. Each year, more than 1,700 people participate in PLASP volunteer opportunities and placements and contribute more than 66,000 hours. 

Volunteers and students on placement augment the high quality care and individual attention given to the children in our programs and centres.

PLASP Child Care Services - Pie chart of volunteers and students on placement.

Volunteers can be found throughout the organization, in our After School Programs, the Early Learning and Child Care Centres and the PLASP Head Office.

Volunteers: Most PLASP volunteers choose to participate directly with the children in our programs, and in this way the Volunteer Program brings the community to the children. Volunteers, with their many unique talents, work alongside staff to provide high quality programs for the children. Other volunteers choose to work in the PLASP office assisting with administrative tasks and gaining office experience.

Students on Placement: As part of our commitment to the community and to the development of early learning and child care, PLASP provides placements for students. Most often, students on placement participate in our early learning and child care centres under the guidance and supervision of PLASP staff. Others gain experience in the PLASP office to complement their area of study.

Board of Directors: PLASP's Board of Directors provide strategic governance in accordance with PLASP's vision and mission by effectively empowering leadership of the CEO. The volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of experts in various aspects of business who are well qualified to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. The composition of the Board reflects diversity and knowledge in the fields of education, legal compliance, marketing, business development, financial management and community engagement. The skill-based competency requirements of the Board are determined by the Executive Committee from time to time. 

Strengthening Partnerships

PLASP continues to work with the Ontario Ministry of Education and the following school boards to make sure that parents have access to the child care that they need, both before and after school and in the Early Learning and Child Care Centres:

As well, PLASP remains involved with a number of community organizations that support children and their families. Representatives from PLASP participate on committees and meetings with the following groups:

For a full list of our community partnerships and involvement, please visit the community partners section of our website.


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