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School Age Programs - Registration

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How to Register

To register your child in a PLASP program, please determine the location that is most suitable for your family by using the Search for Care feature on the right hand menu. Please note that for school age programs, your child can only enroll in PLASP programs that currently exist in the school that they attend. Prior to registering, you may wish to visit the site to meet the staff and observe the program and how it operates. Please note that there are waiting lists for care in some of our programs and space may not be available immediately.

Requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

Families requiring before or after school care for the remainder of the school year OR care in one of our Early Learning and Child Care Centres may do so below.

Please note that if you live in Toronto or the Region of Peel and receive subsidy, you are responsible for 100% of the fees for your child(ren) until it takes effect.

Families who register for PLASP programs are required to pay a non-refundable and non-transferrable administrative fee of $54.10 per family when they register.

Information Required for Online Registration

Having this information prepared in advance will help your registration process go more smoothly. Should you have any questions about the information required, please contact our toll-free Parent Services Hotline at 647-484-4372 (long distance: 1-888-739-4102).

Please note: To ensure your child's safety in our programs, we require that all fields be completed during the registration process. You will not be able to complete your registration if any of the required fields are left blank.

• Address – including postal code
• Secondary Address (if different from above)
• Employer Information for both parents – name, address (including postal code)
• Telephone Numbers – home, work and cell/pager
• Emergency Contacts – 2 trusted individuals who will be aware of your child(ren)'s involvement in our program and are close by to pick them up during an emergency
• Banking information including financial institution, account and transit number
• Doctors Information - name, address and telephone number (including postal code)
• Immunization Record (for Infant, Toddler or Pre-School programs only)
• Allergy Information – type of allergy, high or low risk and reaction
• Name of any medication taken on a regular or emergency basis
• Name of any special medical conditions or special needs
• List of any special requirements regarding diet, rest, exercise

Should you have any additional questions, please contact our toll-free Parent Services Hotline at 647-484-4372 (long distance: 1-888-739-4102).


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