A PLASP staff member with two children


“My daughter's PLASP teacher is constantly engaging the children to learn in a fun and educational way. She allows the children to come up with activities or clubs. My daughter helped start the Earth Club with the program director, and the children love helping to keep our earth clean by cleaning the school area, learning about recycling, reusing waste and where yard and food waste goes." - Sheri Oliveira, Parent

"I have two kids in the before and after school program (kindergarten) as well as PA days and summer camp. They love it and I love it. The staff is amazing! At the end of the day, my (and other) kids don't want to go home. I always feel my kids are safe, and don't think twice when dropping them off. We just registered for summer camp again, and the kids are excited already!" - Sarah Swartz, Parent

"My son attends the after school program and PA days and loves it! This is my first year using PLASP and I am so impressed, and the fees are affordable! The staff is super supportive and are always engaging with the kids and doing all kinds of activities after school." - Tara Farnell, Parent

"After searching a few daycares I couldn't have picked a better one to place my son. After my son became diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I am confident that he is safe and warm, and they took so much care of him and they have in mind all the details to deal with his disease. He loves to go there and it is hard sometimes to take him in the afternoon because he doesn't want to leave." - Lisetica Reyes, Parent

"We wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience... The program director is one of the nicest people we met and she's dearly loved by all the children. She is always very kind and encouraging towards them, and she always manages to keep them happy and interested with many wonderful activities, so much so that most times, our children don't want to leave PLASP and go home at the end of the day." - Andreea Neculai, Parent

"Throughout my child's journey at the PLASP program, he has been learning english, french, sign language and conducting science experiments like volcanoes, dinosaur eggs, animals in water, and various other projects. My child has been exposed to many different activities, events and hands-on learning opportunities in the program, both educational and extra curricular." - Nav Kisana, Parent

"Yesterday I attended the Mother's Day tea hosted by the children and the program director. It was such a heartwarming event. The children made a beautiful Mother's Day mural and decorated the PLASP classroom with paper flowers and colourful tablecloths... Together they made a lot of busy working moms feel really loved and appreciated." - Michelle Mercer, Parent

"PLASP has a great environment for children and teachers. The HighScope philosophy helps the child learn at their own pace as well as doesn't push the child into needing to learn and helps them to want to learn.” – Ramya Iyer, Parent

"PLASP is an excellent extension to the friendships and learning that my daughter has in her JK classroom."  Leah Nacua, Parent

“Neither of us have the typical 9-5 work day so we really appreciate the early drop-off and late pick-up – it saves us a lot of stress.” – Steve Williams, Parent



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