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A volunteer sits with kids in a PLASP program classroom

Are you looking for a great volunteer opportunity? 

PLASP volunteers directly and indirectly enhance the quality of care we provide to the children. Volunteers can be found in our After School Programs and the PLASP Head Office.

Program: Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children? Most of our volunteers interact directly with the children in our After School Programs once a week. Volunteers are supervised by trained PLASP staff and are never left alone with a child or group of children. The children thrive on the attention they receive from their volunteers and look forward to their weekly visits. This volunteer role is for students who are currently in secondary school.

Office: Would you like to develop workplace skills in an office environment? Office volunteers gain experience working alongside staff in various departments, such as, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, Volunteer Services and Accounting.

How to Volunteer

For inquiries about volunteering, please contact us at volunteering@plasp.com.


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