Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

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Our volunteers take their work very seriously. If you have questions about what's involved in being a PLASP volunteer, you'll find your answers here.

If you have questions that are not answered below, please call the Volunteer Department at 905.890.1711 or submit your question at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

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You must:
• be 13 years of age or older
• be willing to follow directions of the PLASP staff
• be willing to complete a Police Records Check
• complete a medical form, if you are older than 18 years old
• attend an orientation and games workshop

NOTE:  If you were a child in a PLASP program, you must take a minimum of one year off before returning to the program as a volunteer.

To volunteer with the children, you can select a program location near to your home or school.  PLEASE NOTE:  Space is limited and volunteer opportunities fill up fast.  Please call the Volunteer Department to find a convenient PLASP location.

To gain office experience you may choose to volunteer at the PLASP Head Office.

PLASP office volunteers typically get involved with administrative projects in the various departments at the office, e.g. Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources, Volunteer Services, Marketing & Communications, etc.

PLASP volunteers are individuals, 13 years of age or older, who:
• work well with others
• are flexible and willing to learn
• are caring and energetic

Inform the Program Director if you know in advance that you are unable to attend. You must call the PLASP Head Office and leave a message if you are unexpectedly unable to attend. Please do not call the school. Program plans will be made with you in mind, so please keep us informed.

Program volunteers:
• like and respect children
• talk with and listen to the children
• help the staff organize activities and special events
• lead activities outside and in the gym
• lead indoor games, e.g., cards, board games, etc.
• help the children with crafts
• read to the children
• contribute to creating a safe work environment
• assist with set up and clean up, e.g., snack time, craft activities, etc.

Your supervisor will be your first contact. If you prefer to speak with someone else, please contact the Volunteer Department. We encourage you to ask questions and address your concerns, as we want you to enjoy your volunteer experience.

No. On statutory holidays, P.A. Days and school closures due to weather, PLASP programs do not operate. You will be given a list of P.A. Days at your orientation to avoid going to an empty school.

Volunteers are required to politely refuse baby sitting jobs from PLASP families.

PLASP will provide you with documentation confirming the number of hours you have volunteered.

If you have a special skill or hobby we would encourage you to share it with the children. Volunteers have played guitar, the piano, taught the children how to draw, how to dance, etc.

No, volunteers are never left alone with a child or group of children. They are always supervised by a PLASP employee.

The Program Director will typically be your on-the-job supervisor.  The Assistant Director and/or Supervisor may also be your on-the-job supervisor.

After 3 months, your Program Director will do a review with you of your skills, strengths and areas where you might want, or need, to improve. For this review both you and your Program Director will complete a copy of the Appraisal Form so that you may discuss it together.

The Volunteer Department:
•    receives feedback from the Program Director after your first few visits
•    receives Appraisal and Self-Appraisal forms after 3 months
•    conducts telephone interviews with volunteers and Program Directors yearly
•    receives survey responses from volunteers and staff yearly

A volunteer orientation explains what you can expect of your volunteer experience at PLASP and what PLASP expects of you as a volunteer.  Volunteer orientations take place at the PLASP Head Office or at selected secondary schools.  To register for an orientation, please call the Volunteer Department at the PLASP Head Office at 905-890-1711.

No, volunteers will receive an orientation, games workshop and on-the-job training.

Yes, you can change the day of the week that you originally selected to volunteer.  Please discuss any changes to your schedule with the staff in your program and call the PLASP Head Office to notify the Volunteer Department.

It will take a few visits to become comfortable.  When you begin to relax and enjoy your experience, your success will truly begin.   Remember to relax and just have fun . . . you are not expected to know all the answers.

On P.A. Days, PLASP provides special trips for children, e.g., going to a movie and bowling. If you would like to participate, speak with your Program Director early as space is limited. If you are a student, you may not miss school in order to participate on a P.A. Day.

PLASP will provide you with a verbal reference at any time.  PLASP will only provide a written reference letter for volunteers who have completed more than 80 hours.  Please call the Volunteer Department to request a letter and allow a minimum of one week’s notice.

When it comes time for you to leave, please remember to give us notice and arrange to say goodbye to the children as they will miss you. Talking about the good times you have shared allows for closure for the children and for yourself.

Volunteers typically volunteer once a week between 3:30pm and 6:00pm in a PLASP After School Program. We ask that you volunteer on the same day each week as this provides consistency for the children, the parents and the staff. 
PLASP office volunteers develop their own weekly schedule.

If you are a secondary school student you are required to volunteer for the school year (or the remainder of the school year).  Volunteers are welcome to return to volunteer with us year after year!  Please call the Volunteer Department if you plan on coming back to volunteer with us.

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