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Professional Activity Days for Kindergarten Children

A flutist entertains children in a PLASP PA Day program


Kindergarten children who participate in one or more of PLASP's full-time programs can also register for our Professional Activity (P.A.) Program.

P.A. Day activities for children in this program operate out of pre-selected school locations within the same neighborhoods. Your child's P.A. Day Program may not be held at the school in which your child currently attends. In many cases, staffing, program components and classroom space will either be the same or very similar to what your child is accustomed to.

When a P.A. Day Program is not operating at your home school site, PLASP families are eligible to request a P.A. Day Program outside of their home school location. The P.A. Day Program request must be operating under the same school board as the child(ren)’s home school. 

Please note: P.A. Day Program registration will only be confirmed pending space availability.

Activities for the day may include arts and crafts, outdoor time (weather permitting), and enrichment activities scheduled specifically for P.A. Days such as music and movement, zumba or yoga. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided.

The ratio is 1:13 when P.A. Days take place in the school.

The P.A. Day Program begins at 7:30 a.m., with children arriving no later than 8:30 a.m., and operates until 6 p.m. Children are picked-up and dropped off at their school.

P.A. Days
There are a total of seven (7) P.A. Days for the school year. Kindergarten children in the program will stay on school property for P.A. Days.

A daily P.A. Day fee will be charged on the scheduled pre-authorized payment date when the P.A. Day occurs.  P.A. Day fees are charged per P.A. Day and will be added to the bi-weekly payments. This fee will be withdrawn on the scheduled pre-authorized payment date during which the P.A. Day occurs.

How to Register

In most cases, you need to register your child for the P.A. Day Program while enrolling your child in a Before or After School Program. Registering this way secures your child a spot in all the P.A. Day Programs scheduled for the school year. The P.A. Day Program registration is included on the registration form used to enroll your child in a Before or After School program with PLASP. Please note that your child must be registered in a program in order to register for the P.A. Day Program.

You may register your child for the P.A. Day Program midway through the year should your circumstances change or you reconsider. When registering your child online midway through the school year, you will need to print a copy of your confirmation, sign it and bring it to the PLASP Program Director at your child's school.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our P.A. Day Program or would like to submit a question, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions - Kindergarten P.A. Day Programs.

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