Professional Activity Days for Full Day Kindergarten Children - PLASP

Professional Activity Days for Full Day Kindergarten Children

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Frequently Asked Questions - Kindergarten PA Day Programs

Click below for frequently asked questions and answers about our Professional Activity Day program for Extended Day Kindergarten children (ages 4 to 5).

Current program costs are listed on our rates page.

P.A. Day payments will be withdrawn on the Monday of the bi-weekly period the P.A. Day falls.

For the 2021/2022 school year, there are seven P.A. days planned for each school board.

Due to the level of planning required to coordinate P.A. Days for all the PLASP children, we request that parents commit to having their child attend all the P.A. Days. This ensures that parents and children requiring care during P.A. Days receive the care they need.

During the 2021/2022 school year, kindergarten children will stay on school property for P.A. Days. They will feature outdoor play and nature-based activities, COVID-safe activities and activities themed around science, art, construction, design and discovery.

Yes, breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided for the day, and are included in the fee.

There are no extra costs; everything your child needs for the day is included in the price.

The staff to child ratio for extended day kindergarten children (ages 4 to 5) during P.A. Day trips is 1 to 8. When the program remains on school property, the staff to child ratio changes to 1 to 10.

If the school remains open, the PLASP P.A. Day program will operate. Parents will receive a phone call from program staff by 7 a.m. to notify them if the program is not operating due to a school closure.

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