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PLASP Children Stay Cool (and Healthy)

When the temperatures soar, like they have in Ontario this week, so many of us (our children included) reach for sugar-filled drinks to quench our thirsts; however an alternative that’s healthy and low-cost is water.

It’s not surprising that many children, when given the choice between water or a calorie-laden drink, will often opt for the latter. This is especially true when those drinks are readily available in the fridge at home, or when they see Mom and Dad drinking them too. But when the weather is hot and they’re not presented the choice, children can enjoy water the way that it’s intended: refreshing, essential and delicious. The fact that it’s healthy makes it even better.

At PLASP last month, just before school let out, a volunteer for the after school program circled the classroom room, handing out cups of this ideal zero-calorie drink. And all of the children, many of them who insist on drinking juices, sodas and sports drinks when they’re at home, were happy to drink it.

Children drinking water

Now that you know what your PLASP child will drink water when they’re at school, what are some of the things you can do to get them to drink it at home?

  • Forget about bottled water and go with an environmentally friendlier option – purchase reusable (BPA-free) water bottles for the whole family (let your children pick out their own).
  • Make ice cubes using 100% fruit juice. Colorful and fun, you can keep an assortment on hand and let your children pick which flavor they want to add to their water.
  • Be a good role model and drink water yourself. Save the other drinks (coffee, tea, juices and sodas) for when your children aren’t around – at work, or after they go to bed.

Why are these things worth considering? Because PLASP gives these things to our kids. To YOUR kids. And if it’s important to you, and to your children, it’s important to us.

Have other ideas on how to get our children to drink more water? Share your ideas with the PLASP team. In the meantime, don’t forget to stay hydrated this summer!

By: PLASP Child Care Services
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