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Running Late Because of Bad Weather? Here’s What To Do

When bad weather sweeps through the GTA and catches many of us off guard, our phones at the head office start to ring. Parents, stuck in traffic that can be treacherous, begin to worry that they won’t be on time to pick up their children from the PLASP program.

If you find yourself running late because of bad weather, here’s what you can do.

Do Not Worry About Your Children – They Are Safe
The most important thing for you to do is not worry about your child. They are safe with the staff in our programs until you or an authorized individual can arrive to pick them up. If you would like to let the Program Director know you are running late:

  • dial 905.8901711
  • enter the direct extension number for your program (extension number is posted in your child's program)
  • leave a voice message for the Program Director

Staff will not leave the program until all children have been picked up.

A child in winter clothing rides a tricycle outdoors

Call Your Emergency Contacts
If you know for certain that you will be unable to pick up your child before the program closes, please call one of your emergency contacts to do so. Emergency contacts are on your list of individuals that you have previously authorized to pick up your child in your absence. The staff will know that you have given permission for your child to go with them. You do not need to call your Program Director or the Head Office if you have arranged for your emergency contact to pick up your child instead. Please note: If the program staff on duty are not familiar with your emergency contact, photo identification is required.

Make Alternate Arrangements
If you or your emergency contacts are unavailable to pick up your child on time, you may want to consider making alternate arrangements. If this is the case, dial 905.8901711 and enter your Program Director's extension to leave a message about your alternate pick-up arrangements.  Please note: This individual will be required to show photo identification at the time of pick up.

Add Multiple Emergency Contacts
PLASP policy requires that each child have a minimum of two local emergency contacts assigned to them – but you can have more. Consider adding additional emergency contacts to your list. This way, in the event that you or your two emergency contacts are unavailable, you have additional people you may call to pick up your child. You can also leave a voice message for your Program Director. For instructions on how to add emergency contacts to your family profile, please click here. Please note: Changes to emergency contacts requires 24-48 hours to process.

Drive Safely!
Driving in poor weather conditions can be dangerous. Please pay attention to the road, other drivers and focus on driving. If you are unable to arrange for alternate pick up for your child, leave a message for your Program Director and arrive to the program safely. Your child is safe with the staff in our programs until you or an authorized individual can arrive to pick them up.


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This is fantastic. Myself and hubby had been caught in situation of getting late to pick our daughters and PLASP proved to be very accommodating. Thank you for all your care as you always make our planning and work easier. The children love it!

Posted by: Olubunmi Ajetunmobi |

Staff at Holy Angels

We love the staff at Holy Angels and also love the "new" addition Miss. D. She is great with the kids and we are so happy to have her. Thank you,

Posted by: Claudia Paez |

Thank you!

the staff at my both kids school are amazing and in cases like this they are very empathetic and very nice when you get to pick up your kid. thank you!

Posted by: Angela Betancour |
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