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PLASP Celebrates Custodian Week in More Than 200 Schools

This week, PLASP’s celebrating the contributions of more than 700 custodians in 215 schools across Peel and West Toronto.

PLASP programs operate within spaces provided by our partnering schools, and custodians work with program staff to ensure these shared spaces are left in excellent condition for the teachers returning to their class rooms the next morning.

“We really value the relationships that we have with all the staff in our partner schools,” says Tracy Tinney, Regional Manager at PLASP. “Our custodians in the schools help our staff ensure our programs run smoothly. We consider them to be an essential part of our team.”

During the week, custodians will have received thank you cards and small gifts made and signed by the children in PLASP programs, with the children in the program often involved in presenting the gift to the custodians.

A group of PLASP children present two school custodians with a handmade card

“The custodians truly are the foundation of so many of our schools. It’s impressive to see that so many of the custodians know the children by name,” says Erin Goodyear, Inclusion Manager at PLASP. “This helps with our seamless transition from the school day into the PLASP before or after school program.”

A child and a custodian holding up a handmade card

“The custodians are so valuable to us in order to keep the program moving,” adds PLASP Program Director Debbie Purich. “The staff are supportive, caring and always helpful. They’re an awesome group of people to work alongside.”

On behalf of the more than 10,000 children that participate in PLASP programs daily and the 1,100 staff that we have operating programs across Peel and Toronto, we’d like to thank our school custodians for their hard work every single day.

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