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New Early Learning and Child Care Centre Videos Celebrates 40 Years

PLASP is excited to launch a series of informational videos from our Early Learning and Child Care Centres as we celebrate 40 years of providing high-quality child care services to the communities we serve. Each video showcases our centres, the HighScope curriculum practiced and interviews with parents.

In the Ownership video, parents talk about the importance of children learning self-care, self-help and the skills necessary for them to become independent and effective communicators.

Children are introduced to a large variety of experiences that build on their natural capability and curiosity, supporting their overall sense of well-being.

PLASP children learn and practice self-help skills throughout the day and have many opportunities to interact with their peers.

In Skill Development,parents talks about the skills their children are acquiring in PLASP programs, from letter awareness and counting with numbers and the impact on their children in the areas of confidence, independence and social awareness.

Early Learning and Child Care Centre children engage in fun, play-based learning opportunities daily.

Curriculum includes activities that enhance:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Social and emotional involvement
  • Physical development & health
  • Language literacy and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Arts
  • Science and technology
  • Social studies

In Problem Solving, parents talk about how PLASP teaches children to care about their friends, express how they feel, and develop life skills.

Children learn how to work together and solve problems that arise in play. Using HighScope’s 6 Steps of Conflict Resolution, children develop a sense of ownership and learn how to work towards a common goal.

In Power of Play, parents talk about PLASP staff being educated, knowledgeable and an extension of their families, and how the learning children are exposed to through play is priceless, especially as children begin their transition to kindergarten.

PLASP Early Learning and Child Care Centres have highly trained educators who implement a play-based curriculum that mirrors the Ministry of Education’s early years framework, “How Does Learning Happen?”.

For more information, please visit our Early Learning and Child Care Centres program page or use our Search for Care feature to the right to search for a centre in your neighborhood. Centre staff are always happy to answer questions and provide tours of the child care centre. Please call the centre directly to schedule your visit.


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