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We’re Starting Early with Winter, March Break and Summer Camp Registrations!

A child in winter clothing playing outdoors

We are delighted to announce that families in Peel Region can register for the PLASP Winter Holiday, March Break and Summer Camps for 2017, starting on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Registration is already open for the Winter Holiday and March Break camps for Toronto families for 2017. Summer camp registration for 2017 for Toronto families will open on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and for current PLASP families only.

Registrations take place through the parent web portal at Parents will be able to submit registrations for our Winter Holiday Camps (January 3-6, 2017), March Break Camps (March 13 to March 17), and Summer Camps (running for six weeks from July 10 to August 18, 2017). Please note, the winter holiday camps will run for four days only due to the January statutory holiday.

Families who sign up for the 2017 Winter Holiday and March Break Camps will be notified by November 30, 2016 regarding the status of their registration. More information and updates about registration status for the 2017 summer camps will follow in the new year.

For more information, please call the Parent Services hotline at 1.888.739.4102.


To ensure no comment gets left unread, your comments are moderated and won't appear until approved. Comments relating to your child’s registration in a PLASP program including but not limited to program requests, cancellations and additions can not be addressed through the PLASP blog and will not appear. If you require assistance registering or making changes to your child’s program, please call Parent Services at 1.888.739.4102 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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Comments (35)

Where is the tab for winter n march registration

How do u get into your winter and march registration. Would this come up on oct 26 th along with summer camp? Plz advice

Posted by: Neziha Zubairi |


Hi there, I am trying to register for the winter, March and summer camps. At what time will the spots be released in the online portal? And are the steps to register the same as the regular process (add programs)?

Posted by: Tiffany Lee |


It is 12:09 am on WED the 26th of OCT I was told by a agent on the plasp end this afternoon that at 12:00 am the registration begins to add my son in for March break Winterbreak and summer camp. Also she stated its first come first serve basis, so I have been sitting here yet the programs are not even available to reserve my place for my son Ibrahim Safari. can someone please inform me on how I can register him in for Huntington Ridge programs

Posted by: Roya Safari |

Summer camp

Why is registration for summer camps not available as of midnight?

Posted by: Stephanie Boyce |

Registration for Winter, March Break and Summer

I need to sign up my 4 year old for the Winter, Summer and March Break program. Please advise. Registration does not seem to be open.

Posted by: Milena Del Gallo |

We're starting early - registration

I've searched and can't find the Winter Holiday and March Camp registration. Where do I find it?

Posted by: Colin Frost |

Registration for Winter/March/summer Camp

Hi I'd like to register my both kids for winter/march and summer breaks but I cannot see that program anywhere. Please register them . Thanks

Posted by: Puneet Saxena |

winter camp and march break

hi i want to register my daughter to theses camp , please me in registration process

Posted by: Ravinder Chohan |


I have been trying to register for the Christmas/March Break and Summer 2017 programs to no avail. When will parents be able to register for those programs.

Posted by: Delia Popo Harding |

winter, march break & summer camp registration

not able to register not getting the option to register even though the date shown to start registration is 26 th october 2016

Posted by: Neethu Prem krishnan |

Early Registration for Summer Camp

It's 6:30AM on Oct. 26 and I don't see anywhere on your site where I can early register for summer camp. I also logged in and was unable to select any options to do so... Frustrating!!!

Posted by: Susy Tseng |

Registration for Winter and March Break

Hello, I have been trying since midnight to register my daughter for the winter and March break programs and still not able to find the link to get the process started. I am on hold for assistance and now am late for work. Please contact me to assist in getting my child registered. my cell # is 647 -881-6440 my work number is 905-206-1166 ext 3235 your assistance is appreciated Holli Melville

Posted by: Holli Melville |

Where to register?

Hi, The email said that we could start registering for winter / spring / summer 2017. I don't have that option on my plasp portal. How do I register? Thanks, Shelley Blake

Posted by: Shelley Blake |


Registration for winter camp, march break and summer camp

Posted by: Claudia Smith |

sign up for the 2017 Winter Holiday and March Break Camps

Hi, I want my son to get registered in the above programme please let me know the process

Posted by: santosh gajawada |

Registration for these programs opened at 7am.

Online registration for these programs opened at 7am this morning. To register, log in to your parent profile at and under "My Programs" select "Add/view" programs. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact at our Parent Services team at 1.888.739.4102.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |

registring for winter and march break

how to find it...not seen in my profile. pls help

Posted by: Smita Kurup |

You will see "Waitlist"

Just to assist other parents - everything appears as "waitlist". That doesn't mean the program is full. It just means they are going to use "time stamps" to fill the spots. That was throwing me off, so thought I'd share with others. Good luck!

Posted by: T.Ghosh |

Smita - Did you figure it out?

Smita, if you are still having difficulty finding the holiday programs on your profile, please contact Parent Services at 1.888.739.4102 for assistance.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |

Good tip, T. Ghosh!

We appreciate it when parents share their experiences with each other - and it's super valuable feedback for us as an organization. Thank you!

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |

Summer Camp Locations

The locations listed for summer camp doesnt include any schools from Brampton - all are in Mississauga. Any chance other locations to be added in the future?

Posted by: S. Sinha |

Brampton Locations

S. Sinha - all of the locations should be showing up, including the Brampton locations. We will have someone from Parent Services contact you to help you resolve this issue.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |

winter break fee

I am wondering only 4 days in winter break for $229,is it right?

Posted by: HONGXIA GUO |

winter/march break/ summer camp

hi ive been trying all day to register my son for the winter spring and summer camp programs, however I see zero options on any of the taps. please help asap

Posted by: Lanisha Douglas |

register for march break and summer camps

i need to register Fabriana de Oliveira to march break camp and summer camp at St. Cecilia School in brampton. Where to go? please let me know.

Posted by: Loredana Castoro-de Oliveira |

Registered this morning at 7:44 am

I registered my son for winter break, march break, and summer break. He is now registered for winter break and march break but please help me understand how summer break is on a waiting list already? Majority of the locations were in Brampton and 2 in Mississauga? Please help

Posted by: Anissa Titus |

Parent Services is available to help with registration.

Our Parent Services department is available to assist you with registering for programs and to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. They are available between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday to Friday at 1.888.739.4102.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |


where do i go to register for the summer program

Posted by: Shelly-Ann Woods |

Winter break

Where is the link for winter break plz

Posted by: Nagwan Said |


Are all the summer camps full already? My daughter is am on waitlist.

Posted by: Jackie Melendez |

Summer camp registrations will be processed starting January 2017

Registrations for summer programs for the 2017 season will not be processed until January 2017. Until this time, all registration requests will be listed as "wait-listed". All queries have been date and time stamped when submitted and will be processed in the order that they have been received.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |

it seems there is nowhere to sign up for camps as im logged in on thesite

i would like to register my daughters for this march break and also for all camps for next year and next year programs and it is quite frustrating. Could really use some help; as I'm not able to do so.

Posted by: Lindsay Marr |

Summer camps 2016

I'd like to add both daughter to summer camps but don't know which locations will be the closest to them. Can you please tell me which Mississauga location will be closes to Mia- School age and Tiana-Kindergarden? Not sure if there is availability. |Thanks!

Posted by: Marilenne Urena |

Summer Camp

How can we register our daughter for March Break & Summer Camp in Brampton? Where to go as we are currently going to Burnt Elm School

Posted by: Pooja Walia |

More information on March Break and Summer camps

We have information about both March Break and Summer Camps on our website at, with locations listed for each. To register, log in to your parent profile and select "Add/View" programs from the drop down menu under "My programs." Registration for these programs is only available to children registered in PLASP programs for the current school year.

Posted by: PLASP Child Care Services |
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