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Busy mom finds work life balance in PLASP

Annie Syed, PLASP program staff member and mother of two, has found the work-life balance that she’s always dreamed of at PLASP.  

A graduate from the Early Childhood Education program at Sheridan College, Annie did her placement in the PLASP Early Learning and Child Care Centre at St. Edith Stein. During her last semester of school, she continued working with PLASP as a part-time relief staff in the school age programs.  Upon graduating, she was hired as an Early Childhood Educator at the Early Learning and Child Care Centre at Plum Tree Park.  When the opportunity arose, she moved into the role of  Program Director in the School Age Kindergarten program.  

“So many people want to work as many hours as possible ,” says Annie.   “But for me, I was drawn to the position with the school age program because of the time  it affords me during school  hours .”

Annie’s Before School program operates from 7:30 am to 9:10 am. Then she has six hours  before her After School program begins at 3 pm. During this time, Annie does a number of personal things including running errands, getting groceries, going to the gym, doing her housework and cooking for her family of four. There are also  opportunities for her to meet other school age PLASP staff for coffee or lunch. “I love having this time for me,” says Annie, with a big smile. “Then, during the evening, I  focus on my family. I  help my 13 year old daughter with her homework or spend time with my 9 year old son,  because everything else I needed to do during the day is  done.”

Finding a successful work-life balance, like Annie has, is  important  to our  health and well being. The Canadian Mental Health Association reports, “if you’re finding it difficult to balance the different elements of your life, you’re not alone. 58% of Canadians report “overload” associated with their many roles – work, home and family, friends, physical health, volunteer and community service.”

For Annie, her work schedule  is just one of many the advantages of working with PLASP. She highly values other aspects of her job that contribute to her work-life balance, including her relationships that she has developed with some of the other program staff. “I feel respected and valued by everyone I work with, from the staff in program, all the way up to the CEO,” says Annie. Other perks include the competitive salary, vacation and benefit package, as well as the opportunity to have summers, winter or March Break off. “It really is a position that you can customize, to your individual needs or the needs of your family,” says Annie, adding, “I feel very fortunate to be working with PLASP.”

Are you a registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in the lives of children? If a position like Annie’s interests you, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your resume to We are always accepting resumes and keep them on file for six months. You will be contacted should your qualifications match a position that becomes available. You may also check out our recruitment video here.


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