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Create a Diary – A Literacy Activity

Writing a diary not only helps children practice their writing and vocabulary, but also provides them with an outlet in which to express their thoughts and feelings. If your child is younger and still learning to read and write, you can work together to construct sentences (one or two sentences for an entry is often enough). If your child is older, he or she may want to write their entries independently.

A diary can help children practice literacy while expressing their thoughts and feelings. 

What you need:

  • Writing utensils. Pencils with erasers work best for younger children.
  • A blank notebook or paper bound together with staples, or in a duotang, etc.


  • Encourage your child to write about their day or overall experience during social distancing by allowing them to write down their thoughts and feelings as they come. Here are some sample topics:
    • Name and age
    • Who are they home with? Draw a picture of who’s quarantining with you.
    • Today’s menu – what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    • Draw a self portrait.
    • Write a note to your future self.
    • What do they appreciate about their family and friends?
    • What did they do today that they enjoyed?
    • Write a kind message to someone else.
    • Write or draw how they are feeling in that moment.

Tip: Encourage children to illustrate their diary too if they like! This adds to the creative process and may allow them to express additional thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Children can draw in their diaries too as an added way to express themselves. 

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