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Make your own Bingo Game – A Literacy and Arts Activity

BINGO! In this activity, children make a Bingo game by creating their own cards, bingo balls and a decorated box to hold the balls. Playing bingo allows children to practice letter and number recognition while having fun!



  • An empty box (choose a box that allows for the size of bingo balls you’ll be using). 
  • Bingo balls – these can be made using ping-pong balls, golf balls, styrofoam balls, etc. Basically anything that you can write numbers on.
  • Paper or cardboard for creating Bingo cards.
  • Scissors or an X-Acto knife.
  • Ruler and drawing materials (crayons, markers, pencil crayons, etc.) 
  • Fabric or paper to cover the Bingo box itself if desired.
  • Small objects (coins, small pieces of paper, etc.) to mark off numbers on your Bingo card as they are called.


  • Using scissors or an X-Acto knife, cut a hole at the top of the box big enough for one of your Bingo balls to pass through (this step should be done by an adult, or with adult supervision).
  • Decorate the box if desired.
  • Draw a 5 x 5 grid onto your paper or cardboard bingo cards. Be sure to write BINGO across the top so that each column falls under each of the letters.
  • Fill the grid in with numbers, one number per square and make sure to create a corresponding ball with the same number on it. You can make the centre square a free space if you like.
  • Create enough cards for everybody playing.
  • Add balls to the box, and dispense one at a time.
  • Mark off numbers as they are called under a specific row.

Tip: Children can get creative and choose a different word than BINGO for the top of their card.

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