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Noodle Float – An Arts Activity

Got some older pool noodles that you’d like to re-purpose? In this activity, children create a new vessel out of old pool noodles that have been sliced into new shapes to create “floating building blocks”. By creating their own float, children use their imagination to come up with a design concept and then work to implement their design through trial and error.


  • Pool Noodle(s)
  • X-acto knife  
  • Large container to hold water – Rubbermaid bin, toddler pool, etc.
  • Water 
  • Tooth picks 


  • Cut the pool noodle into desired pieces. In this example, the pool noodle is sliced into one inch discs (adults should help with the use of the X-acto knife).
  • Attach the pool noodle pieces together using toothpicks, forming the desired design shape.
  • Fill the container with water, and test your vessel to see if it floats!
  • Encourage your child to problem solve and make adjustments as needed, for example if the noodle float tips over, allow your child to brainstorm ways to fix the problem.


Tip: If you have more than one noodle float, you can race them across the water. Only one float? No problem! Time how long it take for the float to cross the water and see if you can beat your best time!



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