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DIY Croquet – Arts and Physical Activity

Looking for a new outdoor game to play? How about Croquet? No croquet set – no problem! In this activity, children build their own using pool noodles.

What You Will Need

  • Pool noodles
  • Skewer sticks
  • Broom handle, branch or dowel.
  • X-Acto knife (we suggest all cutting with an X-Acto knife be done with the help of an adult).
  • Balls (tennis, rubber or plastic balls, etc.)

Process - create the elements of the cricket pitch as follows:


  • With the help of an adult, use the X-Acto knife to cut several pool noodles approximately 50 cm long.
  • Gently push skewer sticks into the end of each noodle piece and then use skewers to “stick” the noodle to the ground in an upside-down “U” shape that a ball can pass through.
  • Traditional croquet uses nine wickets (see diagram below). Make as many as you desire for your game.


  • Create two stakes for either side of your croquet game by cutting a pool noodle into approximately 70 cm long pieces and using skewer sticks to again gently “stick” the cut pool noodles to the ground.


  • Cut a pool noodle approximately 25 cm long.
  • Make a hole in the side of noodle by pushing your knife in and turning it.
  • Take a broom handle, branch, or dowel and push into the hole to create your mallet handle.

Tip: The object of the game is to use the mallet to hit the ball along the ground through the wickets. Variations to rules of the game can be found online if you’re looking to take your game to a more competitive level! Have fun!

Croquet set-up with nine wickets and two stakes.


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