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An Update to PLASP Program Closures during Severe Weather Conditions

The health and safety of PLASP children and staff continues to be our top priority and due to COVID-19 guidelines, whether PLASP programs and early learning and child care centres can operate during inclement weather may be impacted. Please note that procedures differ between The Region of Peel and Toronto.

How will this Affect PLASP Programs and Child Care Centres?

In the event of severe weather conditions, PLASP will share information with you via email, our website and our social media platforms. Please also monitor your local radio/TV stations and your school board’s social media sites for announcements on school closures and bus cancellations.

Snow Days:

If the school boards decide to close schools to students and staff due to inclement weather, PLASP's programs and Early Learning and Child Care Centres within the schools will not operate. PLASP will notify you via:

If Busses Are Cancelled:

In The Region of Peel:

If the schools are open and busses are cancelled, schools impacted will be closed to students and switch to online learning. PLASP's Before and After School programs will not operate. Early Learning and Child Care Centres will remain open.

In Toronto:

If the schools are open and busses are cancelled, PLASP programs and centres will continue to operate as usual.


P.A. Day Programs:

If severe weather conditions occur on a P.A. Day, remember that PLASP's P.A. Day programs will only open if the schools are also open. Provided the school is open, children will be able to attend the P.A. Day Program from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the school.


Holiday Programs:

If severe weather occurs during any of our holiday camps, you will receive an email on closures from PLASP. Information will also be posted on the PLASP website and on social media. 



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