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PLASP CEO, Lynn Hiebert Shares 12 Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

As we approach the end of the year, many of us may be feeling that we are ready to say farewell to 2020. It’s been a year that has tested our PLASP optimism and cheeriness. But our PLASP community has continued to inspire me with your dedication and support for each other and for me.

So, as we wrap up the year, I want to share my thoughts about 12 ways to celebrate this holiday season as we strive to keep physically-distanced but connected.

  1. Cards and letters – The homebound nature of current pandemic restrictions may give us the opportunity to rediscover the joys of sending cards and hand-written letters.
  2. Music – It’s the time of year for enjoying seasonal music, whether by listening to your favourite playlist or planning a virtual sing-along with family and friends.
  3. Decorations – Ignore any temptation to forego your usual decorating and give your home the full festive treatment.
  4. Feasting – Scaling down your usual festive feast doesn’t mean cutting back on the fun and flavour. Whether you take the opportunity to try new recipes or dishes from another culture, make the holiday a delicious change of pace from your usual routine.
  5. Gifts – Of course, gift giving is a big part of the Christmas celebrations. While we can’t give gifts in person, I know many of you are finding unique and creative gift exchanges.
  6. Giving back – Traditionally, this is also a time of year when our thoughts turn philanthropic, as we donate to charities and worthy causes. This year more than any other has reminded us of the need for taking care of others.
  7. Creativity – Throughout the year, so many of you have shared creative projects and pastimes that have helped you cope with this unprecedented year. The holidays are a great time to give your creativity an extra outlet.
  8. Family and friends – While big get-togethers are not possible, we’ve learned many ways to keep connected virtually. The holiday season is definitely the time to use everything we’ve learned about how to make the most of those virtual platforms and to connect with our loved ones.
  9. Traditions – It may feel that we are missing out on important traditions this year. But we can also use it as a time to create new traditions to carry into future years.
  10. Kindness – “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.” Never have we needed a cup of kindness more!
  11. Gratitude – As we’ve learned this year, a focus on gratitude makes all the difference. In this holiday season, keeping attuned to the reasons to be grateful will keep us in the festive spirit.
  12. Love – In the words of the song New Year’s Eve by Carolina Story, “Just know I love you like a child loves Christmas Day.”

My profound appreciation and thanks to each of you, and my warmest wishes to you and your families for a holiday filled with love, light and laughter.




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