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PLASP Inclusion Manager Answers FAQs for Families of Children with Diverse Learning Needs

Kindergarten registration for children born in 2017 is beginning at PLASP’s four partnering school boards across the Region of Peel and Toronto. Additionally, registration for PLASP programs beginning in September of 2021 is now open.

PLASP programs provide high-quality before and after school care for children kindergarten-aged to twelve-years-old. Inclusion is a core value at PLASP, as is supporting families and children that have diverse learning needs.

In past years, PLASP’s Inclusion Manager, Erin Goodyear and her Inclusion Coordinators have attended “welcome to kindergarten” sessions hosted by our partnering school boards, however, this year for health and safety reasons, in-person meetings are not possible. Instead, PLASP is supporting families by answering frequently asked questions virtually, beginning with those listed below:

PLASP Inclusion Manager, Erin Goodyear with two long-time PLASP friends in early winter, 2020.

Click here to view PLASP’s Inclusion Manager, Erin Goodyear’s welcome message!


Parent FAQ’s

Question: How do I register my child for PLASP?


1. Go to our main website at

2. Click on "Register for PLASP"


Question: If my child has unique learning needs, will they be able to attend and participate in PLASP programs alongside their peers?

Answer: Absolutely! At PLASP, our inclusive programming contributes to children’s sense of belonging. Our positive learning environments and experiences focus on:

  • Welcoming children of all abilities.
  • Active, play-based learning that follows the Ministry of Education’s pedagogy “How Does Learning Happen” as a framework, which follows the school based kindergarten curriculum.
  • Encouraging children’s communication, self-expression and self-regulation.
  • Supporting and documenting the many unique ways children express themselves and articulate their ideas.
  • Honouring and reflecting children’s cultures and languages in our programs, including respect for diversity, equity and inclusion while creating program activities and experiences that celebrate the diversity of PLASP children and families.


Question: If my child requires additional staff support, how can PLASP help?

Answer: PLASP is always open to conversing with families, looking at the specific program that their child attends, and assessing where we can place supports to bridge growth and development.


Question: How do PLASP staff accommodate children who have differing communication needs?

Answer: After obtaining parental permission, PLASP staff speak with both the school team and the family to discuss the strategies being used at the school as well as at home. PLASP staff then develop tools to be used for consistent messaging and seamless supports for the child.


Question: Do PLASP fees differ if my child requires more one-on-one attention within their PLASP program due to their unique learning needs?

Answer: No. PLASP believes that all children should have the opportunity to grow and develop to their maximum potential. There is no fee increase if your child requires support staff within our programs. Our current fees for the 2020-21 school year can be found here.  


Question: Can I apply for fee subsidy if my child attends PLASP?

Answer: Yes. Depending on where you live and where your child will be attending a PLASP program, you would apply for subsidy either through the Region of Peel or the City of Toronto. Phone contact information is below:

Region of Peel at: 905-791-1585 

City of Toronto at: 416-338-8888


Question: My child is not yet in kindergarten, however, I am looking for full-day child care that can accommodate my child’s unique developmental needs. Does PLASP provide the same access to support staff at their Early Learning and Child Care centres?

Answer: Yes! Learn more about PLASP’s Early Learning and Child Care centres here.


Question: Does PLASP work with community partners that also offer services and resources related to inclusion?

Answer: Yes! PLASP is committed to involving local community partners and to engaging those partners to support PLASP children, families and staff. Prior to COVID-19, PLASP provided learning opportunities and practical work experience through student placements and volunteer opportunities, from administrative roles at our Head Office to placement within programs. Volunteers and students on placement, under the supervision of PLASP staff, help to augment the high-quality care and individual attention given to the children in the programs. We look forward to being able to offer these opportunities again!

PLASP is fortunate to have hundreds of community partners with whom we collaborate with to create more opportunities and to expand these relationships on behalf of our children and families. Some (but not all) include:


Question: Who can I contact if I have further questions about how PLASP can support my child’s unique learning abilities and to complete the intake when registering for a PLASP program?

Answer: Please contact our Inclusion Department at We will be happy to contact you to respond to your questions.


PLASP’s Inclusion Policy can be viewed here and PLASP’s current program statement can be found here.


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