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Snow Much Fun Back at PLASP!

PLASP school-aged programs were able to re-open again the week of February 15th and it’s been quite clear that both children and staff are happy to be back! Also clear – this winter has been SNOWY! PLASP programs are making mountains out of snow hills all in the name of enjoying the fresh air, getting some exercise, and of course, learning through play.

PLASP children and staff created the PLASP snow mountain!

Learning through play happens so organically when in nature. In program this past week, children learned arts and science fundamentals by adding a colourful twist to traditional snowball making!

“The children added food colouring mixed with a bit of water to the snow and we talked about ‘how much should we add if we want to make the colours really bright?’ They had fun creating these “perfect spheres” using the snowball scoop too!” - Tvesha Tandel, PLASP Program Director

Have you noticed that it’s staying lighter out later in the day? PLASP children have! With the sunset around 6PM these days, PLASP children have even more opportunity to be outdoors exploring. As a friendly reminder, when sending your child to school/program, it’s always a good idea to pack them some spare clothing, gloves or mittens, and an additional mask should any of these items get wet!

Enjoying the last bit of daylight outdoors during PLASP afterschool program.

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