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PLASP CEO Lynn Hiebert Shares a Message in Celebration of Mother's Day

Dear PLASP Family, 

I’m the proud mom to two amazing, bright and talented daughters. I’ve loved every stage of parenting.

The approach of Mother’s Day 2021 got me thinking about how we learn to be a mom. It’s on-the-job training – no matter how many terrific role models we’ve had or how many parenting books we’ve read.

So, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve learned along the way as a mom – things I believe every PLASP mother knows.

  • No matter how much your children want a pet, mom is usually the person who ends up cleaning out the kitty litter. Or taking the dog out when it rains. Or scrubbing the fish tank.
  • The saying “sleeping like a baby” is a cruel joke. And, the more tired you are, the more wide-awake your children are at bedtime.
  • Mom is expected to know the exact location of every item in the house. And you do!
  • Children become very thirsty at bedtime.
  • To raise a child, it takes a village – of mothers, grandmothers, mother-figures, aunts, cousins, friends – and more.

So, this Mother’s Day, on behalf of PLASP, I salute the unique wisdom all moms share, and I thank the village of other mothers who support us and our children while we learn!

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