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Early Learning Heroes

PLASP Child Care Services is an award winning organization – made possible because of our amazing staff. During the month of August, Toronto Children’s Services is launching an online recognition campaign to say thank you to childcare staff for their frontline response during the pandemic and for providing support to essential workers, children, families and our community. PLASP will be taking part by sharing images and messages of thanks to our excellent staff on our social media platforms using the hashtag #earlylearningheroes.

PLASP staff engaging with children in our programs and our child care centres.

“Our staff’s commitment to our children and families never ceases to astound me and all the more this past year as we witnessed one of the most challenging years PLASP has seen as an organization.” said Lynn Hiebert, CEO of PLASP Child Care Services. “What does it mean to be a hero? To me, a hero is someone who does what needs to be done - and needs no other reason. So, I salute the PLASP staff from the bottom of my heart and other early learning professionals who are heroes of the pandemic”.  

PLASP CEO, Lynn Hiebert conversing with PLASP staff and children during summer program.

Recently PLASP welcomed Rosemary Stiglic as the new VP, Operations. Rosemary has hit the ground running and has been out showing her support and connecting with staff and children in PLASP Summer Programs and child care centres since beginning her new role.

PLASP’s VP, Operations, Rosemary Stiglic visits a PLASP summer program and child care centre.

“I have been so impressed! I had heard great things about PLASP, and now having had an opportunity to see firsthand all that staff are doing to ensure that the children learn, thrive, and have fun despite challenges imposed by the pandemic has been so uplifting and I cannot wait to continue to meet more of this great group! – Rosemary Stiglic, VP, Operations.

The Early Learning Heroes campaign kicks off on August 3rd. Toronto Children's Services also recognizes that self-care is an important part of recognition. Toronto Children's Services is offering a mental health learning series during August on managing anxiety for staff, others and children. Learn more and register on EventBrite. Mental health resources can also be found on the PLASP staff website under the resources tab.


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