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Celebrate Summer with These Sun-sational Activities

With summer in full swing and the end of school just a few days away, children may be staying home for the summer or having fun with friends at our PLASP summer programs. Either way, the longer days mean families may be looking for additional ways to make the hours more enjoyable with fun activities.

Here are a few fan favourites here at PLASP:

  1. Sports like soccer, badminton, baseball, basketball… With little equipment needed and a great way to build motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and enjoy some exercise and fresh air, a pick up game of soccer, baseball, or basketball helps kids get active and can be done in in your back yard, your driveway, or the neighbourhood park.

Two boys in a PLASP program dribble basketballs on a playground

  1. Water play. Grab the hose, a few buckets, set up a sprinkler and your kids will be able to tackle those hot summer days with glee. Water play is also a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, enhances concentration and focus, and builds social and communication skills. Just make sure they’re wearing water shoes and playing on a safe surface – then let the games begin!

Two girls with buckets enjoy waterplay in a PLASP summer program

  1. Painting. Arts and crafts can help us feel happier and calmer, and is a great way to relax (and get in the flow) and express ourselves. Whether it’s painting rocks or picking up a few canvasses from your local dollar store so your little ones can get creative (and a little messy!), painting keep kids engaged and get them inspired to create their own masterpiece.

A child holds up his blue palms for the camera and smiles during a PLASP outdoor activity

  1. Meditation/yoga. Mediation and yoga have numerous health benefits, especially for kids. It can boost children’s feelings of security, empathy and inner stability, which in turn builds compassion, joy and self-esteem. Meditation teaches kids – and adults – that right now is enough. Mindfulness for children helps kids gain self-awareness and become more confident. The internet is a great place to find instructor-led meditation and yoga classes of varying lengths.

A close up of a child's hand, who is in a yoga pose

  1. Reading. Looking for a little break from all the activity? Reading is a great way for children to learn, inquire, and discover. If they’re at the age where they can read on their own, great! If they need some assistance, why not take a break, choose a favourite book, and snuggle up and read to them. It will support their cognitive development, improve their language skills and is a great way to bond and connect with your child(ren), promoting a sense of intimacy and well-being.

A close up of a page of a book about bees

Looking to fill up your weekend with fun? Here are a few more ideas to try at home:

  1. Camp in your own backyard (don’t forget the bonfire and smores!). You don’t have to take that long drive to enjoy a campfire and time outdoors with the ones you love. Grab your tent, roast some marshmallows, sing some campfire songs, and enjoy the experience of being outdoors in your own backyard.
  2. Build an indoor fort. Perfect to keep the kids occupied on those rainy summer days, grab some chairs, pillows, and blankets and let their creativity take over. Add a few twinkle lights and some books to make it a comfy and cozy private oasis just for them.
  3. Float some boats. Fold some paper boats or build a raft with popsicle sticks and recyclables then go to the pond or bathtub to test out your handy work.
  4. Paint a family mural. Grab some large paper or a large canvas and paint a family masterpiece. Everyone can have a section of their own or just collaborate on your work of art.
  5. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. A great way to get some fresh air and exercise while promoting writing and inquiry, just grab a pen or pencil, a clipboard to write on, and make a list of items to find. All set? Now go for a walk around the neighbourhood and see how many items your child can find.

What’s your child’s favourite thing to do during the summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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