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Why we must have Truth on our Journey to Reconciliation

Today, Friday, September 30th, is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Many of you will know it as Orange Shirt Day - a day on which we wear orange to show our support of residential school survivors. Many Canadians wear orange to honour Phyllis’ story, who as a six-year-old had her new orange shirt taken from her on her first day at a residential school. Now, orange shirts have become symbolic of the taking away of culture, freedom, self-esteem and self-expression experienced by generations of Indigenous children.

PLASP staff and children wear orange on The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day.

At PLASP, we believe that learning is a life long journey. We’re committed to educating ourselves about the very important topic of Truth and Reconciliation. PLASP’s Curriculum Team met with the Executive Director of The Indigenous Network, who reviewed, provided feedback, and approved our curriculum materials. Throughout Truth and Reconciliation Week, all staff have been receiving emails designed to educate them about Orange Shirt Day, residential schools, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the 94 Calls to Action.

In a video message to all PLASP staff and families, Inclusion Manager, Kristen Scarff highlights the importance of Truth AND Reconciliation:

“I reflect on my experience learning about Indigenous people at school. We spoke about residential schools like they were a part of our history and ignored the impacts they have on Ingenious people and their communities. This is why truth comes with reconciliation. Communities are finally able to speak their truths, and share their stories that have not been heard for generations.” – Kristen Scarff, PLASP Inclusion Manager.

PLASP staff and families have been encouraged to share photos of themselves and the children in their care wearing orange. These photos will be shared on PLASP’s social media channels.

In addition to wearing orange on Orange Shirt Day, here are some additional learning resources which focus on Truth and Reconciliation:




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