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10 Delicious and Budget-Friendly Snacks to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

As kids head back to school, parents and caregivers everywhere get back into the daily routine of packing a lunch for them, which includes snacks.

When it comes to choosing snacks for kids, which provide them with the necessary nutrients to fuel their growing bodies while satisfying their taste buds, budget-friendly options are a game-changer. Not only do they help save money, but they also ensure children are provided with wholesome snacks without compromising on quality. In fact, many affordable foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, are packed with essential nutrients.

With a little creativity and planning, a balanced and nutritious snack menu that fits within a budget can be created. Added bonus – these mouth-watering snacks will keep little ones smiling and energized throughout the day.

A boy eats a healthy snack in a PLASP program

  1. Crunchy Veggie Sticks with Homemade Hummus: Slice up some colourful veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers, and serve them with a side of homemade hummus. Hummus is rich in protein and fibre, making it a nutritious and satisfying dip.
  2. Mini Pizza Pockets: Use whole-wheat tortillas or pita bread as a base and let your kids top them with their favourite ingredients like cheese, tomato sauce, and veggies. Bake until the cheese melts and enjoy these bite-sized pizza pockets.
  3. Frozen Yogurt Bark: Spread a layer of Greek yogurt onto a baking sheet and top it with fresh fruits, granola, and a drizzle of honey. Freeze until firm, then break into pieces and serve as a refreshing and nutritious snack.
  4. Homemade Trail Mix: Mix together a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips. You can also try this nut free trail mix recipe – perfect for kids. Portion them into small bags or containers for a convenient and nutritious snack. (Please note that PLASP is a nut free program and that children should not bring any food containing nuts to school).
  5. Apple Slices with Nut Butter: Slice up apples and pack them in a container along with a small portion of nut butter or one of these nut butter alternatives. This classic combination provides a balance of fibre, protein, and healthy fats.
  6. Mini Sandwiches: Make mini sandwiches using whole-grain bread and fill them with lean proteins like turkey or chicken. Add some lettuce and tomato for added freshness. Add a fun twist by using a cookie cutter to turn your sandwiches into whimsical animals or characters.
  7. Cheese and Crackers: Pack a few slices of cheese along with whole-grain crackers for a simple and satisfying snack. You can also add some cherry tomatoes or cucumber slices for added crunch.
  8. Vegetable Quesadillas: Spread some refried beans onto a tortilla, top with grated cheese and thinly sliced vegetables, then fold in half and cook until the cheese melts. Cut into triangles and serve with salsa or guacamole.
  9. Homemade Fruit Leather: Puree fresh fruits and spread the mixture onto a baking sheet. Bake at a low temperature until the fruit mixture dries out and becomes chewy. Cut into strips and enjoy this natural and fruity snack.
  10.  Homemade Popcorn: Purchase popcorn kernels in bulk and air-pop them instead of buying pre-packaged microwave popcorn. Add some melted butter or a sprinkle of spices for added flavour.

A girl serves herself a healthy snack of vegetables in a PLASP program

Tips for Involving Kids in Snack Preparation
Involving your kids in snack preparation is a great way to teach them valuable life skills and foster a positive relationship with food. Here are a few tips for getting your kids excited about helping in the kitchen:

  1. Let Them Choose: Give your kids a selection of healthy ingredients and let them choose what they want to include in their snacks. This gives them a sense of ownership and encourages them to try new foods.
  2. Make it Fun: Turn snack preparation into a fun activity by playing music, wearing aprons, or creating themed snacks based on their favorite books or movies. This makes the experience enjoyable for both you and your kids.
  3. Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks: Give each child a specific task that is suitable for their age and skill level. Younger kids can wash fruits and vegetables, while older kids can measure ingredients or assemble snacks.
  4. Teach Basic Cooking Skills: Take the opportunity to teach your kids basic cooking skills, such as using a knife under supervision, stirring ingredients, or operating small kitchen appliances. This builds their confidence and equips them with essential skills for the future.
  5. Encourage Creativity: Allow your kids to get creative with their snacks by experimenting with different flavours and combinations. This helps them develop their taste preferences and encourages them to think outside the box.

Remember to prioritize safety in the kitchen and supervise your kids at all times, especially when using sharp objects or heat sources.

Making Healthy Snacks a Part of Your Child's Routine
Providing kids with delicious and budget-friendly snacks is essential for their health and happiness. Whether opting for homemade snacks or store-bought options, it's important to consider the specific nutritional needs of your child and involve them in the decision-making process.

What’s your child’s favourite go-to snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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