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Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration is submitted online through PLASP's registration system.

You will be emailed the status of your change request or registration by the end of May 2019. 


To search for schools and programs, use the “Search for Care” box on the right side of the page.

Yes, you may register in more than one school, however if you are confirmed in multiple locations, you will be responsible for all fees.  Deposits are non-refundable.

PLASP will notify you by email when your registration has been processed.  Please be patient, as we are processing a high volume of requests.

You will be notified by email. The email address you provided PLASP during your registration will be used for all communications, so please keep it up to date. 

To search for programs, use the “Search for Care” box on the right side of the page.  Please click on the “+” button for a list of programs available.

If you have received an email stating that your child is wait-listed, we will notify you be email as soon as space becomes available.

Toddler Programs: 1 staff to 5 children
Before and After School Programs for Full Day Kindergartens: 1 staff to 13 children
Before, Lunch and After School Programs for School Age Children: 1 staff to 15 children

Full time programs are for children who require care daily, during the school year.  For families who do not require full time care, part time packages are available for school age programs only and consist of 14 visits. They can be used anytime but will expire after 100 days.  Additional packages can be purchased online, as needed. Part time packages cannot be shared between children

You may check for program availability using the “Search for Care” box on the right.  Availability is not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.  

Your status may be different if your child(ren) are registered for more than one PLASP program. Please note: Your child(ren) is NOT registered for a PLASP program until their status shows Registered/Confirmed. Below is a list of the different statuses and what they mean.

  • Pending: We have received your registration/program request. Processing has not yet begun for this request.
  • Being Processed: We are processing your registration/program request and need to check the availability in the program requested.
  • Registered/Confirmed: We have processed your registration/program request and have confirmed space in the program requested. Your child is registered for this program.
  • Wait-List: We currently do not have space available in this program. Your child has been placed on a wait-list for this program. You will be notified by email if space becomes available. For more information on our wait-list, please click here.

We anticipate a higher than normal call volume while we process registration/program requests.  We ask for your patience during this time.

We will contact you by email with further instructions once your registration/program request has been processed. Please make sure that we have an accurate email address on file.

Your deposit will be equal to 50% of a biweekly payment, 50% of all part-time packages and/or 50% of a single PA Day fee, where applicable.

Cancellation requests must be received 10 days prior to your first pre-authorized payment date to avoid paying a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Please see the payment calendar for cancellation and pre-authorized payment dates.

Yes, there is a non-refundable administrative fee of $54.10 that is due at the time of registration.

Please see our current fees at

Fees are made through pre-authorized payments directly from your bank account. For withdrawal dates and amounts, please see the payment calendar.

Yes, you can have multiple individuals paying for your child care fees. To add another person,  select “Add Payer” under the payment section. Registering Parents (P1 priority 1 parent) are responsible for all unpaid fees, regardless of who is listed as a payer on a family’s account.

PLASP Child Care Services accepts funding from Children’s Services for the Region of Peel and the City of Toronto. Families who need financial assistance can apply to the Region of Peel or the City of Toronto. Please contact them at your earliest opportunity to begin the process to receive a subsidy.

If you live in Toronto, please call our Parent Services hotline at 647-484-4372 (toll free:1-888-739-4102) BEFORE you begin the online registration process.

Important Phone Numbers


Please contact your Region of Peel case worker to find out if you are responsible for any fees. Their number is 905-791-1585.

Yes, your child/ren can be registered, however you are responsible for 100% of the fees until your subsidy takes effect.

If you live in Toronto, please call our Parent Services hotline at 1-888-739-4102 BEFORE you begin the online registration process.

Second Career students are required to pay full fees and submit a receipt for reimbursement to the Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities.  For Ontario Works recipients, please contact your case worker to find out who pays for child care fees.

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