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Volunteer and Students on Placement Recognition Events


Each year in May and June, PLASP recognized 1,900 program volunteers and students on placement with celebrations in each program (where applicable). The individuals recognized contributed more than 60,000 hours this school year to various PLASP programs.

Events were planned and hosted by the children and staff in program. These smaller celebrations in program helped ensure that all volunteers and students on placements were recognized for their contributions and gave the PLASP staff and children the special opportunity to be involved.

“Every day, PLASP staff, volunteers and students on placement cause awesome things to happen,” says Sharon Flood, PLASP’s Manager of Volunteer Services. “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize these individuals personally in our programs in such an inclusive and meaningful way.”

Some of the photos from various events can be found above. If you have photos from one of our volunteer and student on placement recognition events that you'd like to submit, please send it to communications@plasp,com.

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