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PLASP children helped plan and prepare for 40th anniversary

On Thursday, June 2, PLASP hosted events to celebrate 40 years of providing high-quality care to the families in our community. Activities on June 2 included open-ended arts and crafts stations, photo booths, and a word wall. Parents and special guests had the chance to observe the five ingredients of active learning that create the foundation of PLASP programming, including Materials, Manipulation, Choice, Child Language and Thought, and Adult Scaffolding.

In the weeks leading up to the event, PLASP staff and children  creatively worked together on materials to support the event. We’ve loved seeing staff sharing photos demonstrating this collaboration on social media, and have compiled a photo gallery of photos to share.

A girl wearing a handmade paper crown

Click here for photos of preparations for the 40th Anniversary and check back soon for additional photos take during the event.

These photos are a perfect example of how PLASP continues to also embrace the Ontario Ministry of Education’s pedagogy document, How Does Learning Happen?  The document’s four foundations of children learning – expression, engagement, well-being and belonging - are evident in the planning and activities that children were involved in as they collaborated with their peers to prepare for June 2.

“We know that these foundations are happening daily in our programs,” said Lynn Hiebert, PLASP CEO. “But to see the children working together with our program staff towards a common goal, and their enjoyment in helping celebrate PLASP’s 40th Anniversary – it was amazing to see.”

PLASP was excited to welcome a number of special guests who joined us on June 2. Community guests gathered together to celebrate the work that PLASP has done in providing high quality care - while strengthening families by supporting the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education. Guests included city councillors, trustees, school board superintendents and other representatives. Thank you to all involved for making the day a huge success, especially our amazing staff and children!


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