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At PLASP, Each Child is Recognized as a Unique Individual

At PLASP, we love seeing examples from the Continuum of Development from the Ministry of Education’s ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) framework demonstrated in our programs. This collage, created by the children in one of our programs, is a representation of the children, reflecting upon their uniqueness. This craft was made from open-ended texture materials, using Skin Tone Kids craft sticks and Popsicle sticks. For the hair, clothes and accessories, the children used recycled materials like felt cloth, yarn, paint swatches, and thread.

A collage of children's artwork

In this artwork, we see the following domains demonstrated from the Continuum of Development for School Age Children, as outlined in the ELECT framework:

Social: 1.1 Friendship, 1.3 Co-operation and 1.6 Taking another person’s point of view.

Emotional: 2.1 Self-concept, 2.3 Self-esteem, 2.4 Recognizing and expressing emotions and 2.5 Regulating emotions

Communication, Language and Literacy: 3.1 Verbal and non-verbal communication, 3.2 Vocabulary, 3.3 Conversing with peers and adults, 3.5 Knowledge of print, 3.6 Reading and 3.7 Writing.

Learn more about the Ontario Ministry of Education’s ELECT framework.

“Our program curriculum at PLASP follows the curriculum outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the ELECT framework. We always enjoy seeing the children and PLASP staff working together to find ways to incorporate this curriculum in the program while also learning through their play,” says Sheri Aguiar, PLASP Regional Manager. “Activities like this, that demonstrate each child’s uniqueness and their willingness to learn about their peers is extremely valuable to us in embracing PLASP’s philosophy.”

Our philosophy at PLASP is that every child is entitled to be given the opportunity to develop personal responsibility and social skills, to learn to problem-solve and to learn about other races and cultures. Each child is recognized as a unique individual who brings his or her own gifts to the program and deserves to be given the encouragement and space to try new things, explore new ideas and develop their own unique creativity.

More information can be found in our philosophy statement and our program statement.

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For more information about the curriculum used in PLASP programs, please post your questions in the comment section below.


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What a wonderful place

It is so helpful for PLASP to organize such an amazing program which has brought the full experience for the child and we can obviously see every child is fully respected. What else could our parents to expect! We hope our child can join such a fabulous program as soon as possible!

Posted by: Yaoping Zhu |
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