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EarlyON Activity Resources Available to You and Your Children

Our PLASP EarlyON Centre team is pleased to share some remote learning activities to try with your children at home. Geared towards children ages 0-6, we add a new activity several times throughout the week that can be found on our EarlyON webpage as well as our EarlyON Facebook page.

Here are just a few examples!

Animal Yoga:

Animal yoga allows children to breathe deep and enjoy some fresh air while social distancing. Ask your child which animal they like to pose as best!

Giraffe, butterfly, flamingo, oh my!

Let’s See What Matches:

Did you know that matching is an important skill that helps children to develop fundamental math skills? Let’s See What Matches starts by having your child go on a scavenger hunt around your home to find items to first trace, and then match.

Matching allows children to develop fundamental math skills.

Erase the Alphabet:

The alphabet is the building block of literacy. In Erase the Alphabet, all you need is a dry erase marker, some paper towel and a clear surface on which to write, such as a window or dry erase board.

Building on literacy skills by practising writing the alphabet.

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