Frequently Asked Questions for Students on Placement

Our students on placement take their work with PLASP very seriously. If you have questions about doing your placement with PLASP, you'll find your answers here.

If you have questions that are not answered below, please call the Volunteer Department at 905.890.1711 or submit your question at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students on Placement

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A student on placement is a person who is registered in a program which requires course related hours to be done before they can successfully complete the program and graduate.

All placements are arranged through the Volunteer Department at the PLASP Head Office.

The required hours are most often determined by your course requirements.

PLASP provides opportunities for students on placement opportunities in:
1) The PLASP Head Office
2) PLASP Programs
a. Early Learning and Child Care Centre Programs
b. School Age Programs, including Extended Day Programs for Children in Kindergarten

A registered ECE staff in the centre will be your on-the-job supervisor.  Each year PLASP staff supervise many students on placement.  They also draw on the experiences they have had when they were students themselves.

Typically, you will have a half hour or a one hour lunch break which will be assigned to you by your supervisor.  Remember that all shifts and breaks are determined by the attendance patterns of the children, which in turn determines the schedule of both you and your supervisor.

Talk to your supervisor first.  If you prefer to speak with someone else, please speak with:

  • The Program Director
  • Staff in the Volunteer Department by calling 905-890-1711
  • The placement supervisor from your school

To help ensure a successful placement, we encourage you to address any concerns you may have early.  Remember the PLASP Volunteer Department staff are here to support you.  You may call the Manager of Volunteer Services at any time.

No, on statutory holidays PLASP programs do not operate.  Ensure that you know the procedure for determining when the program will be closed and that your supervisor knows how to contact you in the event of a closure.

Staff, students on placement and volunteers are ALL required to politely refuse baby sitting jobs from PLASP families.  Please call the PLASP Head Office at 905.890.1711 if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Students on Placement are not permitted to take photographs of staff, students on placement, volunteers or children.

No, PLASP does not allow any observation projects.

If you are actively completing a PLASP placement when your PQA assignment is due, you are able to complete it at your PLASP site. 

If you are not a current PLASP student on placement or have never done a PLASP placement you are not able to complete your PQA project at PLASP.

Please answer questions sensitively and positively.  If you have concerns, direct the parent to the staff person.

At the end of your placement, please submit your resume to your immediate supervisor.  Your supervisor will forward your resume to the PLASP’s Human Resources Department at the PLASP Head Office to be processed.  Your supervisor may add her comments about your placement.

No, your college or school should be able to provide potential employers with information about your education and placements.

Yes, if you would like to become a PLASP volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Department.  The Volunteer Department staff will review the differences between being a student on placement and a volunteer before you begin your new placement.  

Contact the PLASP Volunteer Department at 905.890.1711 to ask any questions you may have prior to, during, or after your placement.

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